Frequently Asked Questions

What is your payment structure?

I offer a standard day rate and can negotiate for longer term engagements.

Do you work on-site or hybrid?

I am available to work on-site or remotely dependant on your project or requirements.

What is your availability?

This will depend upon project requirements, timescales and existing commitments.

What do you mean by hiring you on a "fractional" basis?

I would work with you and other businesses on a part-time basis (this allows for you to enjoy our expertise without paying full-time prices). I do offer exclusivity, but that would depend on my current commitments.

What are the benefits of hiring a marketing or sales contractor?

There is less risk involved with short term engagements and you still get the impact and value of 25 years of hands-on marketing experience.

Working across your organisation effectively will help build, engage and streamline where needed, at a fraction of the cost.

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