Boost Your Marketing Impact with a Fractional Marketing Resource

Unleash the Power of On-Demand Marketing Expertise for Your Business

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing about.”

Benjamin Franklin

A brilliant mentor once told me “Nikki, always touch the money…” –  this means always being accountable for every marketing dollar you spend. Create, execute, measure, test, refine, report and repeat.

Think about your customer rather than your product or service…

What challenge are you helping them address and why?  

I will provide ongoing support and guidance to your business’s marketing team, including mentoring and coaching on best practices, including emerging marketing trends and technologies.

Strategy development and support

I will partner with your key stakeholders to develop marketing strategies which align with your business’s goals and objectives to create a roadmap for implementing those strategies. I provide guidance on branding, messaging, and positioning, ensuring consistency across all your marketing channels.

Event management

I have over 20 years of expertise crafting events from intimate roundtables to large audiences (in-person and digital). Building out issues driven and value-based agendas, thought leadership through to customer panels including press and analyst briefings.  I will seamlessly align with your team to support and deliver against key deliverables as needed.

Integrated and multi-touch program creation, execution and reporting

Over 20 years of developing and executing integrated multi-touch marketing campaigns combining digital and traditional channels. Ensuring consistent engagement throughout customer and prospect journeys including nurture programs. And finally… extensive and data driven analysis and reporting to demonstrate marketing driven pipeline. Ensuring solid ROI, every time.

Social selling enablement programs

Social selling is a sales and marketing strategy which prioritizes building relationships with potential customers via social media.

I have executed multiple social selling programs from optimising sales teams LinkedIn profiles through to implementing curated campaign frameworks which enable sales to build, accelerate and close opportunities.

Speaking opportunities

I am available to speak at events (both in person and digital) across several topics focused on industry specific topics, marketing & women in leadership.

Content creation

I have over 20 years of value proposition creation, development and tailoring whether horizontal or vertical. I have expertise in persona analysis and key messaging development.

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