Sales Builder Program

We traditionally aim this offering at new startup-type businesses, keen to set up an initial sales strategy, structure and process. This could also apply to Companies not from the UK looking to create revenue streams in the UK or EMEA.

The key advantage of the program is our customers get access to all our experience and knowledge gained over more than 25 years of successful activity and training. This experience can be directed towards solving short-term issues and capitalising on quick wins or longer term more structured approaches.

Our sales Program deliverables normally fall into 3 phases depending on the customer’s current position.

  1. Planning and Discovery Phase – Product / Market Analysis
    1. Finding the best channel for the product/offering – MSP, VAR, SMB.
    2. Finding the best geographical Route to market – Partner / Product fit.
    3. Building a Sales Business Plan. Testing the plan – POV.
  1. Proving Phase – GTM Development
    1. Product fit – MVP design.
    2. Marketing / Collateral – design and creation.
    3. Sales Program – development and execution
    4. Sales deployment – strategy and methodology, process and cycle creation.
  1. Deploy, Run and Operate Phase
    1. Recruit sales team, and define KPIs and success criteria. Minimum viable activities.
    2. Hands-on deployment – sales methodology steps and process (Bant, Scotsman / Meddic etc).
    3. Forecasting – structure, process and cadence.
    4. Management Reporting – upstream and downstream methodology.

We are very customer focused and will build a bespoke offering for you. We are happy to operate on an Objective and Key Results KPI on a full-time sprint basis or part-time on a fractional contract. We are also available to flexibly fit in with your temporary HR commitments like sickness cover, paternity or any other immediate needs

We try, where possible, to follow a Statement of Works (SoW) based approach with clearly defined deliverables and KPIs. The accountability of this approach allows for clear articulation of value for you.

If this is of interest, please see our typical engagement process or book a discovery call with Dave below.