Maximize Sales Results with Fractional Sales Solutions

Scale Your Sales Success with an On-Demand Fractional Sales Expert

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

Nelson Mandela

“No Surprises” and “Trust Your Forecast” are our sales mantras at de Villiers Consulting (DVC). Our experience-based sales offerings provide you with a personalised plan to drive predictable results through creating a culture built on best practice processes and urgency. Our trustworthy and proven, bespoke program provides your organisation and people with both the science of robust processes and the art of confident delivery. The personalised and flexible plan delivers targeted output aimed at reliability and consistency without the commitment of a fulltime headcount.

Our sales offerings fall into four broad categories:

Sales Builder Program

Typically we aim this program at SMEs, start-ups or organisations looking to penetrate the UK market.

Our Program covers product/market analysis, strategy and plan generation, team structure, initial proof points and agile operational processes.

Partnership Builder Program

Typically we aim this program at organisations with a product and sales team looking to scale revenue by building an indirect channel to market.

Our Program covers areas like market analysis, optimal partner identification, initial focus plan and strategy, proof points and optimisation, operational process plan and indirect team creation.

GSI/MSP Builder Program

Aimed at established vendors looking to gain access to the largest enterprise deals through the GSIs or volume-based focus solutions through the MSPs.

Our Programs are very bespoke depending on your starting point. DVC has very deep experience and reference points here.

Sales Mentoring Program

Our programs are aimed at established sales teams in the field but may be in need of a fresh perspective or
mentor-oriented program aimed at increasing efficiency and predictability of revenue. 

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